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Santa Monica,California - When you look for a service provider to produce your broadcast or corporate television event, International Media Services Inc is there to help you.  Whether you are looking for Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks in California, Florida, New York, Indiana, or Kentucky, IMS Inc should be your first call. 

Through partnerships and agreements, IMS Inc also provides Uplink Trucks (OB Vans) in Germany, Spain, Denmark, Mexico, China, and Japan.  If there is a an SNG Truck or Fly-away unit in-country, IMS Inc is able to find it.



Washington, D.C. - International Media Services Inc recently provided IMSng services to a US Broadcaster for the historical inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack H. Obama.  In addition, IMS Inc provided production, SNG, and satellite circuit coordination services for a Latin American broadcaster who was also covering the event.

Lima, Peru - International Media Services Inc recenty provided broadcast services during the 2008 AP.....
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  Some of our clients are:  Telecomm Mexico, NHK, TV Azteca, Tokyo Broadcasting Systems (TBS), ESPN, FUJI TV, NASCAR Images, Taylor, IEC in Sports, TV Asahi, Televisa,  MTV Latin America, PBL Sat,Warner Bros, Fox International, and TV Tokyo.